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Current Customers  - please contact us to book a delivery or for a quotation


New Customers  -  Please register with us first on our Register page to sign up.

Once registered, you book a delivery by emailing thesterlinggirls@yahoo.co.uk 

Parcels / Items / Non-food deliveries

If your needs are for delivery of non-food items - such as furniture, beds, fitted kitchens, bathroom suites, domestic appliances, boxes, floor coverings, car parts, tyres, Amazon or EBay purchases, and all other parcels, packages, etc.  then 

Please email thesterlinggirls@yahoo.co.uk for a quote.


24% of your grocery value, inclusive
Minimum charge: £24 inclusive

We are now unable to offer regular food deliveries from the UK to France and will only be able to offer food slots when we have a definite delivery/removal to the UK, with space on our return.  These dates can vary and now will not be regular like in the past.   We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.      

For regular customers who are already previously registered, please contact us via email, and we will add your details to our next delivery rota.  

How do we calculate our charges?

Our charges for the delivery of groceries are based on a percentage of the value of the shopping we are delivering. They are calculated at the single rate of 24% all inclusive, of the total cost of shopping shown on the delivery sheet. 

For example, if you spend £100 on your shopping, the delivery fee will be £24.00.  If you spend £150 then the delivery fee will be £36.00. 


Minimum charge:- Please do note that a minimum charge applies on all grocery deliveries. This is equivalent to the charge on £100 worth of shopping. So, the minum charge for delivery is £24.00 inclusive.  

All transactions are subject to our standard Terms & Conditions, available here.

Finally - Do remember that most supermarkets offer promotional savings that can easily offset our delivery charge, so look for their deals online now!   We don't include the special promotions and savings in our delivery fee, but we do include any delivery fee's or online vouchers or gift cards. 


Payment is required on delivery and can be made by either cash or UK cheque. On-line payment can be accepted, by prior arrangement only.  You can pay us in either Sterling or Euro, but please note that we calculate our charges based upon exchanging Sterling with Euro, typically 10-15 centimes different from exchanging Euro with Sterling.

Commercial Customers

We have numerous commercial customers with many & varied requirements - from Shuttles to Cash & Carry supplies to art and antique deliveries. Please contact thesterlinggirls@yahoo.co.uk for a quote for your needs.


Tel: +44 (0) 7787 374 601



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Delivery depot - Mon to Thur: 9am -5pm


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